V Shape Face Malaysia

Vshape Face Malaysia

V Shape Face Malaysia

Many have heard of fat burning injection as well as botox for face slimming. However, they works quite differently and it won’t work on everybody.

Fat burning injection targets the fat cells under the skin. These fat cells go through apoptosis (die cycle) and once death, being carried away throw lymphatic drainage. Hence, fat burning injections are for those who have a thicker fat pad at cheek area.

Our skin surface gets their blood supply as well as nutrients from the fat layer beneath. Hence, we as, trained doctors do not inject an overzealous amount of fat burning materials to cause skin necrosis. What happens when too much is injected, a localized area is devoid of fat cells and the skin could not get enough nutrients to survive.

Hence fat burning injections are to be done with trained doctors as well as minute amount over several sessions normally 5-6 sessions.

On the other hand, botulinum toxin (BOTOX) targets the muscle. It is a medication to temporarily weaken the muscle and make the muscle bulk smaller. In this case, it is being injected into the masseter muscle (biting muscle) to make it smaller, in turn, giving a more V-shaped face.

If sagging is your problem, Ultherapy can resolve your issue by increasing the collagen count. Once the treatment points are delivered underneath your skin, it starts the whole process of increasing the collagen counts and in 3 months’ time give you a non-surgical facelift result.

As the k-pop rages on, the trend of high and sharp nose is still in together with a pointy chin and slimmer jaw line which gives an overall sharp V-shaped face.  This image of a V-shaped face gives a youthful impression compared to the aging pyramid shaped face. The V-shaped face also gives an adorable barbie doll look. Apart from the V-shape jaw, the procedures below will also give you a better defined jaw line from the side thus holistically a more youthful and younger looking jaw line.

Of course, one can choose to undergo the painful and long process of surgical correction and face lift but there are plentiful non-surgical ways which provide instant V-shaped face results (listed below).

These aesthetic procedures are non-surgical with very minimal downtime.  You can expect to go back to your daily routine almost immediately after the procedure.