Sublime Facelift

Sublime Facelift in Malaysia

Sublime Skin Contouring by Syneron was previously known as ReFirme. This treatment will reverse the signs of aging without downtime and will provide an overall more youthful appearance.  The sublime combines laser light energy and radiofrequency energy to stimulate the production of new collagen.  The areas most often treated are the eyes, brow lines, cheeks, jawline and neck.

What is Sublime Facelift?

The Sublime from Syneron combines infrared light (700-2000nm) with bipolar conducted radiofrequency. The combination of light energy and radiofrequency energy is used to deeply heat layers of the skin while protecting the surface of the skin simultaneously. Medium to deep heating of the skin activates fibroblasts signaling new collagen to form and existing collagen to tighten. This will cause immediate collagen contraction as well as new collagen production which will occur over a 4-6 month period.  

With its short downtime and good result properties, it becomes an excellent tool for a non-surgical facelift.