Facial Features Enhancement in Malaysia

Facial Features Enhancement in Malaysia

Having said that, fillers are also ideal for the use to plump up lost of volumes on the face. This concept is applied to areas like the forehead, temples, cheeks and tear troughs (hollow eyes).

Multiple techniques are combined to achieve a sharper features. One of the commonly used materials is Hyaluronic Acid Dermafillers. They are ideal because of its characteristics of being long-lasting, reversible, mold-able, and affordable.

Many of us Asians are born with features that do not conform to the ideal beautiful face following the golden ratio or the ideal angles of a beautiful face. In order to achieve that, features of the face can be enhanced further. This includes nose, lips and chin.


Asians tend to have a flatter nose bridge compared to our counterparts in the western countries. Because of this, the flat nose bridge gives an unflattering wide inter-canthal space (space between both eyes) this feature will make the eye look wider apart.

By enhancing the nose following the golden ratio and angles of beauty, the aesthetics of the face is significantly enhanced.


We often tend to neglect our lips in the pursuit of beauty and yet our mouth and lips are so vital for the overall youthful look. Wrinkles around the mouth becomes apparent among smokers as they constantly use the peri-oral muscles to hold the cigarette.

Lip augmentation helps to create a sexier, fuller, plumper lip and also helps in reducing fine lines around the mouth at the same time.


Rosy cheeks are what every women wants. Who would want a saggy droopy cheeks. With dermal fillers injection precisely place in different planes, heart shape rosy cheeks would be yours in 10 minutes.