Face Slimming Treatment in Malaysia

Face Slimming Treatments in KL, Malaysia

In order to understand what makes a slimmer face, we have to analyze the face structure. First most, is it the layer of fat, muscle or bone that is making the face appear bigger.

Our face consists of many layers of structure i.e. from outer most skin which consists of epidermis, dermal layer and subcutaneous fats, followed by deeper layer of fats then muscles of the face and lastly the facial bones.

You may have a square shape or chubby lower face due to larger than normal structures ie: wider mandible bone, big masseter muscle (biting muscle), extra fats at cheeks etc. Each needing different form of treatment.

What is Face Slimming?

Face slimming treatment in KL,Malaysia is customised to individuals, depending on the current facial problem.  Some has buccal fats, some has extra subcutaneous fats, some have loose skins with huge double chin, some with short recessed chin or huge jawline with huge jaw muscles.  Frequently, it requires a combination therapy to achieve good results. Hence, proper consultation is required to counter these problems.

There are different types of treatments available in our country for the purpose of face fat slimming: buccal fat removal, face laser lipolysis and mesolipolysis.

Frequently Asked Questions About Face Slimming Treatment in Malaysia

How long is the procedure?

It takes less than 5 minutes to treat an area.

How is it being performed?

Minute amount of Botulinum Toxin A is being injected at target areas using the finest needle.

Is it painful?

Most people find it so comfortable that they didn’t even notice the procedure is completed.

Is it safe?

In safe hands, BTA injection is very safe. The common misconception is that BTA injection causes mask-like faces. In fact, targeted BTA injections will never cause mask-like faces.

How long will the effect last?

The two internationally recognized and FDA approved BTA brands which are BOTOX and DYSPORT. They have been proven to last 6 – 8 months per injection.