Double Eyelids Malaysia

double eye lid

Non Surgical Double Eyelids in KL,Malaysia

Double eyelid in Malaysia is a very popular treatment among Asians as we are usually born without double eyelids (monolids) or hidden double eyelids.

This makes us either looks fierce or unfriendly.  Driven by the strong social media influence, this has become one of the most sought after aesthetic treatment.  A decade ago, this can only be created using surgery where the skin is cut and scarring is induced to create the double eyelids.  However, new methods and techniques have cropped up over the past century and now our doctor has also come up with a successful method in creating eyelids bright beautiful eyes with even and symmetrical eyelids.

before and after
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Double Eyelid Stitching Procedure

First and foremost, a proper consultation is very important to establish the patient’s issues with the eyes.  For example, too much skin (dermatochalasia), too much fat, big small eyes (ptosis issues), current double eyelids not high enough etc. Then our doctor in charge will recommend the best route to go about solving those issues to give the most pleasant results despite the limitations of the stitching technique.  Various options will be given to the patient.

Prior to the procedure itself, the patient is given a choice of eyelid heights to choose from.  After which, numb cream will be given and the eyelids are stitched accordingly.  The procedure itself may take roughly about an hour and swelling will markedly reduce within the first two weeks.

FAQs About Double Eyelids in Malaysia

Q1: Can I wear contact lens after the procedure?

We would advice the usage of contact lens to start at least 2 weeks after the procedure.

Q2: Will I bruise?

Bruising is subjective and varies from one individual to another. However, if it does bruise, its very little and only at the corner of the eyes.

Q3 :How bad will the scarring be?

Hardly any. If any, it will be a very faint line.

Q4: Will it be painful afterwards?

The usual feedback is heavy and tearing but it improves as the swelling reduces.  We do not have anyone complaining of pain after the procedure.

Q5: Can I drive after the procedure?

Yes you can.

Q6: How do I take care of my eyelids?

Our consultants and doctors will advice you further during the consultation.  A post care instruction slip will also be provided to you for reference.